Frequently asked questions

What is MOVET MA?

MOVET MA is part of the National Veterans Transportation Network. The website and mobile apps allow residents of Massachusetts to find transportation providers suited to their specific travel needs.

Who can use MOVET MA?

Any person in Massachusetts can use our service. It was originally designed to assist veterans and active military personnel to find rides, especially for those who need specific travel accommodations. After we accomplished this vision, we opened up the service for anyone in this region because we understand that finding suitable and affordable transportation is difficult.

What area does MOVET MA cover?

This service covers all of Massachusetts.

How can I access MOVET MA?

MOVET MA can be accessed from the web at www.movetma.net or through our mobile app (Download the QRyde app and use code 'MOVETMA'.

What can I do with MOVET MA?

You can find providers for your specific travel needs, connect with transit and other providers, get access to travel assistance information, and more! Explore the site to find out more.

As a rider, how do I create an account?

Simply to go movetma.net, click on find a ride, select Login and then register as a rider. Use Community Code "MOVETMA”!

As a provider, how do I join the network?

Go to movetma.net, click on 'Sign Up'under 'Join the Provider Network' then fill out the information and follow instructions.

Who sponsors MOVET MA?

MOVET MA is a result of a VTCLI grant. The lead agencies are MART but the project is a collaborative of all transit and public transportation agencies and companies in the 14 counties of Massachusetts.

How can I give feedback?

Under FAQ there is a Feedback section. You can submit your feedback there. 

Why should I create an account?

By creating an account, you can save your Accessibility Needs for the next time you need to find a ride.

What are mobility options?

Mobility options are the special accomodations some riders need to get from A to B. These could mean wheelchair accessable vans, extra seats for assistant, medically equiped vans, etc.

What if my mobility needs change?

You can always update your profile with your most recent information.

How can I contact a transportation provider?

Put in your accomodations; where you want to go, when, mobility options, and transportation providers with vehicles that can accommodate your needs will pop up. From there you can contact providers to fit your specific needs.

What if my ride does not arrive?

Please call your transportation provider for all travel-related issues.

What are your service hours?

The website is always available. Please contact your transportation provider to find their specific service hours, as they vary by company.